Offering Inspiration

For me, what I love to share is inspiration. I believe this is different for everyone. Some people love to teach, or some like to help, or some entertain. Yet for me it is to inspire. I do appreciate getting paid for my images because it helps support my passion and creative journey. Yet I believe on a deeper level, what I receive when my images are purchased, is when someone puts them up in their home or office and sees them and then they become inspired. It may make their day somewhat nicer, brighter, a little more content or spacious, or expands their senses even just a little… perhaps helps them to breath a little deeper or slow down a bit… or settles them into a place of gratitude or inspiration…. or opens up the receptivity/possibility for a joy-full moment in their day, which then tends to be contagious.

When people are open, enough to be touched by beauty, to actually let something in, I think that then, the world touches the heart and soul of a being and connects us to our Divinity. And that it helps us to remember who we really are and why we get to play in this school of life. I truly hope some of these images touch you and I get to be a part of the watering of your being on a daily basis.

I do not want low finances to stop you from getting an image, so if finances are an issue for you, you can take $25 off any 16 X 20 image or $50 off any 20 X 24 image, to make it easier for you to afford something that moves you.

Daniel B.